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Homestay in London

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          - Take time to get to know your Homestay family, check the house rules( both feel comfortable staying together.


  1. Personal Hygiene:
      - Dos:
      + Supply your own personal toiletries: toothpaste, shampoo…
      + Clean up before leaving the bathroom (clean the shower, remove your hair…)
      + Keep your room clean and orderly
      + Clean the kitchen after preparing food.
        - Don’ts:
        + Leave clothes or towels lying around the floor or under the bed.
      + Splash water on the walls or floor
      + Bring food into your room without asking for permission
      + Spend too much time in the bathroom.

  2. Communication
      - Do’s:
      + Communicate with your home stay family ( Reduce misunderstanding.
      + Respect the privacy, religious and political beliefs of each member of your Home stay family.
      + Adapt UK culture.
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  3.   Payments
          - Do’s:
          + Pay your Homestay fees directly to the Homestay family ( paying by cheque is advised ).
          + Get receipts for your payments from the Homestay family
          - Don’ts:
          + Borrow money from or loan money to the Homestay family.


        - Do’s:
          + Try to get used to the food ( high fat, high carbohidrats, less vegetables)

        + If you cannot eat a certain type of food or have some special needs, tell your host
        + Always say thank you when served something. It shows appreciation.
          + Watch the way family members eat. Learn how to make a good impression at a dinner party on table manners and dining etiquette, including place settings, know How to eat with a knife and fork, using the correct silverware, posture, ordering food and more…
            + What do you say or do if you've accidentally taken too much food and you cannot...


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