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Internet Privacy

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Internet Privacy

XBIS 219
May 15, 2011

Internet Privacy
In the latest developments of wireless networking and busy wi-fi locations around the globe it is easy to lose internet security. Internet security is very important in present day because of all of the online shopping and use of personal information over the web. The best way that a person can keep away from identity theft over the internet is to not shop online however, in today’s society this is difficult to do because of this consumers should make sure that any website which they are visiting is deemed to be a secure website.
In my home I have a wireless/wired network system set up so that all of my electronics can communicate with one another. It is very important that I keep this network password protected so that my neighbors cannot hack into my network and also communicate with my equipment. I live in Tennessee and I believe that in this state it is not illegal to “bounce” off of someone else’s wireless internet if it is not password protected, unethical, but not illegal. However, it is illegal to hack into someone’s wireless internet if it is password protected and you choose to break the password to gain access.
Internet security is getting stronger as the time passes and web designers come up with new ways to protect their clientele’s information, but that being said, hackers and thieves are getting better at what they do as well. The best defense to one’s personal information is to not give any out at all, but if one must give out information make sure that you can trust the website receiving it.


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