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The Overall Design of Lifting Board

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     In the rotary drum dryer, lifting board is an important part of the rotary dryer. The role of the rotary drum dryer lifting board is to lift the material and gradually sprinkle into the hot air, in order to strengthen the mass transfer between the materials and hot air heat to promote the conduct of the drying process. The number of choices is correct or not directly affect the thermal efficiency and dry strength. This article will focus on the the main role and characteristics of the lifting boad. 
The commonly used layout of the lifting board of the rotary drum dryer:
 (1) evenly-distributed lifting board lifting: compared with the lift type board, it can ensure that the material is more evenly distributed in the entire cross section of the drum. For the powdered materials or materials with block, it is more appropriate to use this lifting board. This lifting board is used for the indirect heating of the pulverized coal, calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium lightweight leucine and powdered graphite materials in industry. 
 (2) fan lifting board: the fan lifting board is made of the mutually unintelligible fan parts. Material along the tortuous channel is gradually decreased, and in full contact with the hot gas stream and to be dried. This copy board applies to the massive, fragile and dense materials. 
 (3) lift-type board: this lifting board has a wide range of application in industry and it mainly applies to the bulk materials and easy bonding materials. With this lifting board structure,it is easy to clean the dryer machine, but the dryer drum fill rate is lower.
 (4) cellular lifting board: the material is dispersed in the respective small lattice, thereby reducing the falling height of the material, reducing the amount of dust generated in the drying process, therefore, it applies to the fine material that prones to produce the dust, the fill rate is higher and it can be up to 0.15-0.25....


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