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Metamorphosis - 1

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In metamorphosis by Kafka, the transformation of main character, Gregor Samsa transformed into an insect and resulting dramatic change in his life are depicted by using a heavy symbolic language. After his transformation into an insect, he is excluded his family and society. Moreover, he also willingly tries to hide himself. Actually, this event lets to him see some things that did not realize before. Gregor sees the game which was played by his father, mother and sister. Therefore, he notices that he was treated as a fool by his family. Thus, the author helps to see his real position making him to look from another perspective and Gregor is deliberately transformed into an insect by author. In the end, the author provides to see these events from broader frame.  
Actually, this transformation causes a lot thing in Gregor’s life. Gregor thinks that he did bad things for himself. Yes, these things might also appear badly for us. However, the main aim in this short novel is not how to appear of Gregor’s external appearance, it is what told to us. The insect is only symbol for the author and the reader.” Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis is rich in symbolism, which allows the readers to penetrate the complexity and mystery of work of art with a greater understanding and insight. Each particular use of symbolism has its own meaning and is used in this case to show the readers that Gregor still has the intellectual state of a human, even though he is obviously an insect” (1) The thing which is wanted to be conveyed to us, is that Gregor is to look the things that did not realize before. As a result, Gregor looks his situation and he understands by everything. This is not the only thing that the author wants to tell. Indeed, the author tells us the transformation into an insect, people traps in the same occasion like Gregor and author tries to create the awareness in human’s mind.
After Gregor transformed into an insect, he looks from another perspective to the events in...


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