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Correct Use of Sand Maker

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The proper use of sand maker can not only improve the service life of equipment, but also reduce production, improve production efficiency, to create the greatest economic benefits for the user.

1. Check the adjust vortex dynamic chamber before starting the observation of the door is closed, to prevent the material from the whirl chamber observed the door out of danger.

2. Check the impeller rotation direction from the direction of the feed inlet. The impeller should rotate counterclockwise, otherwise it should be adjusted to the motor wiring.

3. Crusher and conveying equipment startup sequence as follows: nesting → ??crusher → feeder breakers must be no-load start to be the crusher before feeding in normal operation. Stop order is contrary to the boot sequence.

4. Feed particles strictly follow the regulations to prohibit greater than the specified materials into the crushing equipment, otherwise, would be too much wear and tear caused by the imbalance of the impeller and impeller, with the base to cause clogging the impeller channel and center feed tube, so that the crusher not working properly foundover the chunk into the material should be immediately removed.

5. Nesting device stopped moving in time to stop feeding, otherwise, can cause breaks the impeller, the burning of motor

6. Strive to feed the continuous and uniform.

7. Broken in the process of sand maker operation, without the intense vibration and abnormal noise, otherwise, stop and check

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