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Robert Koch

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Robert Koch
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For other people named Robert Koch, see Robert Koch (disambiguation).
Robert Koch

Born 11 December 1843
Clausthal, Kingdom of Hanover
Died 27 May 1910 (aged 66)
Baden-Baden, Grand Duchy of Baden
Nationality German
Fields Microbiology
Institutions Imperial Health Office, Berlin, University of Berlin
Alma mater University of Göttingen
Doctoral advisor Friedrich Gustav Jakob Henle
Known for Discovery bacteriology
Koch's postulates of germ theory
Isolation of anthrax, tuberculosis and cholera
Influenced Friedrich Loeffler
Notable awards Nobel Prize in Medicine (1905)

House where Robert Koch was born in Clausthal, Lower Saxony, Germany
Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch ([ˈkɔx]; 11 December 1843 – 27 May 1910) was a German physician. He became famous for isolating Bacillus anthracis (1877), the Tuberculosis bacillus (1882) and Vibrio cholerae (1883) and for his development of Koch's postulates.[1]
He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1905 for his tuberculosis findings. He is considered one of the founders of microbiology, inspiring such major figures as Paul Ehrlich and Gerhard Domagk.
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Koch was born in Clausthal in the Harz Mountains, then part of Prussia, as the son of a mining official. He studied medicine under Friedrich Gustav Jakob Henle at the University of Göttingen and graduated in 1866. He then served in the Franco-Prussian War and later became district medical officer in Wollstein (Wolsztyn), Prussian Poland. Working with very limited resources, he became one of the founders of bacteriology, the other major figur being Louis Pasteur.
After Casimir Davaine demonstrated the direct transmission of the anthrax bacillus between cows, Koch studied anthrax more closely. He invented...


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