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Relationships Among Structural Parameters of Inertia Cone Crusher

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  Relationships Among Structural Parameters of Inertia Cone Crusher
  In the design of inertial cone crusher, relationships among all parameters should be considered to achieve the most reasonable design and best crushing ratio. The main structural parameters of cone crusher are crushing force, size of discharging port, frequency of moving cone and geometrical shape and length of parallel zone of crushing cavity.
  Influence One: The size of the crushing force.
  If material hardness and filling ratio in crushing cavity change, the crushing force of inertia cone crusher is not strong. Adjustment on static moment of vibration exciter can produce necessary crushing force in any working circumstance. Increasing crushing force can increase unit pressure of material layer and density so as to raise process capacity of crusher, but the unit power consumption spend on crushing material has not big promotion.
  Influence Two: Change of the size of discharging port.
  According to the analyses of the effects on product granularity from different sizes of discharging port, in small inertia cone crusher product granularity will increase with increasing discharging port together with increasing crushing force. However, increasing crushing force will improve crushing ratio and reduce product granularity. Therefore, effects of the two factors just increase process capacity of crusher.
  Influence Three: Change of frequency of moving cone.
  When static moment of vibration exciter is solid, if the frequency of moving cone rises, crusher process capacity gradually goes down with nonlinear status, crushing force enhances, and weighted average diameter falls. Therefore, the change on frequency of moving cone is significant to control crushing ratio, especially when centrifugal force value of the exciter is small, the way is rather reasonable. Of course, it makes sure to raise the reliability of sliding bearing and avoid sympathetic vibration.
  Influence Four: Effects of...


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