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Backpacking or Staying in Hotel

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Backpacking or Staying in a Hotel

          Travelling is a fun and challenging activities many people enjoy. Through up travelling, we could get many knowledge, experiences and learning something new and differences. However, when someone choose on travelling, he always forward to their overnight stay. There are many options where to choose. I think that two common places people choose to stay in night are backpacking and staying in hotel. The differences between these two places can be seen in terms of costs, comfortability and safety and protection.

          Cost is an important thing should people consider when planning a travel.   A traveller usually need a high cost depends on destination and transport used. Backpacking is popular for traveller who have enough money in travel. Backpacking can save a lot of money for other need and emergency case. On the other hand, it differ with those who indeed having no problem money at all. They prefer staying in hotel for overnight. Nevertheless staying in hotel was incurred high cost but the service provided satisfied.

          Comparing both of these backpacking and staying in hotel, we notice another differences. There is a comfortability that affects both of them. Backpacking is not comfortable in terms of facilities such as toilet, fitting room and place to sleep. From the aspects of cleanliness, hotel is more awake. Hotel also hired worker who always awareness about beneficial need by customer stayed at there. Person who choose to stay in hotel are no need to worry about food because it was a part of hotel service. But for those backpacking, they will serve it by themselves.

          Yet another difference between those two places is safety and protection. Backpacking is less safety and protection because of exposure of surrounding and environment. In addition, backpackings widen risk from wild animals, malicious people and as well disasters such as rain and thunder. In certain area, there will no...


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