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Global Trends in Marketing (745 Words - Apa Format with References)

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Global Trends in Marketing                                                                                                  
    The field of marketing is an ever-changing one. Trying to grab and influence customers is a challenging and creative task that involves extensive research. Simply placing a company’s name on a billboard or on the suit of a NASCAR driver is not nearly enough to remain relevant. Enormous amounts of money are spent in marketing every year and it seems to grow rapidly with each year. Some of the brightest minds work day in and day out trying to be on the cutting edge. In order to be a useful and successful marketer, graduating marketing majors need to know where the field is headed. Our society is flooded with advertisements every place we look, thus needing companies to find new and unique ways to stay ahead of the competition. A few of these current trends are mobile marketing, green marketing, and social media marketing.
    Mobile marketing is perhaps the latest focus of marketing dollars, and for good reason. These days anyone from twelve years old through people in their eighties and beyond own cell phones. The presence of cell phones alone is not news breaking, but rather the increase in ownership of smart phones is. The newest versions of smart phones such as Apple’s “iPhone” and Motorola’s “Droid”, have more than just a browser to access the internet, they have applications. These applications, or “apps”, are software programs to enhance the customers’ phone experience. The applications can do anything from allowing you to play scrabble with a person across the world to starting your car when miles away. These applications are accessed through “App stores” or “Markets” and downloaded straight to the phone. In order for some of these applications to be free, creators of these applications need advertisements to fund their programs. For example, the mobile advertising company called “AdMob,” had requests grow from 254 million...


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