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Why Did U Kill Her

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Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni commonly known as Michelangelo exerted an unparalleled influence on the development of western art.
Michelangelo was an Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, poet, and engineer who Michelangelo was considered the greatest living artist in his lifetime, and ever since then he has been held to be one of the greatest artists of all time. A number of his works in painting, sculpture, and architecture rank among the most famous in existence. His output in every field during his long life was prodigious; when the sheer volume of correspondence, sketches, and reminiscences that survive is also taken into account; he is the best-documented artist of the 16th century. Michelangelo also transformed the plan, the western end being finished to Michelangelo's design, the dome being completed after his death with some modification.

In a demonstration of Michelangelo's unique standing, he was the first Western artist whose biography was published while he was alive. Two biographies were published of him during his lifetime. One of them proposed that he was the pinnacle of all artistic achievement since the beginning of the Renaissance. It was a viewpoint that continued to have currency in art history for centuries. In his lifetime he was also often called II Divino. II Divino meant the divine of one.

Early Child hood
Michelangelo was born on March 6, 1475, in Caprese near Arezzo, Tuscany. For several generations, his family had been small-scale bankers in Florence, but his father, Ludovico di Leonardo di Buonarotto Simoni, failed to maintain the bank's financial status, and held occasional government positions. At the time of Michelangelo's birth, his father was the judicial administrator of the small town of Caprese and local administrator of Chiusi. Michelangelo's mother was Francesca di Neri Del Miniato di Siena. The Buonarrotis claimed to descend from the Countess Mathilde of Canossa. This claim remains unproven,...


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