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  1. Explain the reasons why the organisational structure in any business is important

      In the world of business, there are no guarantees for success. No matter, how many resources and great products does a business have; the results can still be disastrous. Even so, there are several things a business can do to strive for survival. One of the keys for such survival is the organizational structure of a business. There fore, we can say that organizational structure is integral part in any business because it  influences on three main sides of your company: Communication, Evaluating Employee Performance, Achieving Goals.
      The first, organizational structure help communication at work to be taken place fluently. Organizational structure enables the distribution of authority. When a person starts a job, he knows from day one to whom he will report. Most companies funnel their communication through department leaders. For example, marketing employees will discuss various issues with their director. The director, in turn, will discuss these issues with the vice president or upper management. The second, Organizational structure is important for evaluating employee performance. The linear structure of functional and product organizational structures allow supervisors to better evaluate the work of their subordinates. Supervisors can evaluate the skills employees demonstrate, how they get along with other workers, and the timeliness in which they complete their work. Consequently, supervisors can be more readily complete with semiannual or annual performance appraisals, which are usually mandatory in most companies. The final, Organizational structure is particularly important in achieving goals and results. organizational structure allows for the chain of command. Department leaders are in charge of delegating tasks and projects to subordinates so the department can meet project deadlines. In essence, organizational structure fosters teamwork,...


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