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Elctronic Books

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 With the development of information society, increasing number of people begin to use electronic books to replace traditional printed books, as time changes, some of them clam that traditional printed books will be no longer in existence in twenty years later. From a point of mine, I disagree with them.
     It is undeniable that electronic books have more advantage than traditional printed books. Such as convenience,fashion,and ecofriendly. As a student, I don.t want to take so much printed books to campus everyday, it is too heavy and incommodiousness for me. Now,electronic books provide us with the most convenience way to study,we could put all kinds of electronic books into a computer or Ipad, it is really a good invention for students. For ecofriendly,as time changes,ecosystem balance was broken result from trees cutting,electronic books progressive also a way to decrease trees cutting.
      However I don’t agree with than traditional printed books will be no longer in existence in the future years. In my opinion, the traditional printed books cannot be replaced. Personally,I study with the traditional printed books more than 15years, read in the traditional printed books is a habit for me,I don’t want to type my homework into a computer. Writing on the really paper, that is what I want to do and used to do. In the other side,focus our eyes on a screen for long time,it’s not good for our eyes, but reading in the traditional printed books will be better.
     There have more reasons I disagree that the traditional printed book will be no longer in existence in future years. For example, there are a lot of printed books that are unpublished but also have some effect of academic. We cannot find any about them in Internet , not to mention download them into an electronic book.
      In conclusion, as discussed above, I cannot agree that printed books will be no longer in existence in future years. Actually, so many things was disappeared in time,but no...


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