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Chemical Reactions

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Guided Notes:   Energy Roles of Organisms U2 L2   pp 69-72
The main objectives of this lesson are:
  1. Define primary producers
  2. Describe how consumers obtain energy and nutrients.
Key Vocabulary:
Primary producer
Use the vocabulary words to complete the blanks that are underlined in RED.   The other blanks can be obtained through reading through the chapter.
All organisms need ____________ in order to grow, reproduce and for the chemical processes that occur in their bodies.   The energy used on earth comes from the ________ that provides light and heat, and from inorganic ______________ that store chemical energy.
Algae, bacteria, and plants are examples of organisms that can take energy from sunlight and chemicals and convert it to forms that living cells can use.   They are called ___________________.They not only make their own food, but more importantly they store energy in forms that make it available to other organisms.   Because they do that, these autotrophs are called _________________   _____________________.

These primary producers are the first producers of energy-rich compounds that are later used by other organisms.
The most common process used to make food occurs in plants and green algae and is called ____________________________.   It is a process that takes carbon dioxide and water and converts it to oxygen and simple sugar called glucose.   Plants are main primary producers on land and algae are the main primary producers in the ocean.
Sometimes, bacteria are found in areas where there is no light and it is very very hot.   They are found in environments that do not support life.   They cannot carry out photosynthesis, but instead will carry out a process called ______________________________________ where they will use inorganic molecules such as hydrogen sulfide and convert chemical energy to a...


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