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The Limitation of Automation Device

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  When we compared with other industries (such as chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.), the automated penetration level of equipment of the mineral processing is relatively low, in addition to the dependence of the process of production of the instrument, there are several major factors restricting the development of ore beneficiation automation:
(l) the instrument that is used in the beneficiation process lacks the innovation, some instrumentation or sensor in the beneficiation key process still exist the problems such as the complex installation, low reliability, low measurement accuracy and other problems, which is the most important factor to affect the application and development of mineral processing automation. In addition, relatively poor beneficiation environment also leads to reduce the life of the instrument. Error of the detection data is also one of the reasons.
(2) the design and development of the automatic control are not reasonable. This is the main reason for that many control systems can not be in long-term normal operation or even can not run. Some design and development is not realistic, which is mainly reflected the unreasonable procedures in the process: instrument selection can not give full play to its performance, it can not fully estimate the instrumentation problems that may arise.
(3) some of the control systems require a lot of maintenance work after thet are put into operation and the maintenance costs are higher. Some need frequent handling or frequent replacement of the instrument. Many concentrators lack the necessary attention to the long-term use and maintenance of automation systems, there is no long-term maintenance plan or relevant professional and technical personnel to carry out the maintenance of automation systems, they are unable to resolve the possible failure of the system. 
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