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The Teleogical Strengths

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Quite simply, the teleological argument for design is a coherent, valid philosophical argument. It follows philosophical logic and is soundly based on empirical data. If a person was to follow the analogy through, accepting it, it is deemed philosophically acceptable to accept the idea of a designer.
  1. The strengths of the design argument lie with the strengths of inductive reasoning: inductive arguments begin with something that we can observe. It is difficult to deny the presence of order and complexity in the universe. This Inductive reasoning begins with experience which may be universal (i.e. everyone has had it) or it may at least be testable.
  2. The use of analogy (the watchmaker) in this argument makes it comprehensible to us: it moves from something within our experience to try to explain something beyond it (the creation of the universe); the argument is simple and straightforward to follow.   In the various versions of the design argument (Paley and Aquinas) we know that the analogies used make it easier for people to understand and relate to it. We know that when similar things are compared it makes the analogy stronger.
  3. Not only is the Teleological argument from design, easy to understand, it fits in with human reason; it encourages and deepens the study of nature; it suggests purpose in the universe, and most importantly, it strengthens faith.
  4. Another key advantage to this argument is that it doesn’t completely dismiss the scientific viewpoint; both of these processes could be part of the design of the universe.
  5. However, despite allowing some room for a Darwinist view, the argument does strengthen and support a religious interpretation of the world. It demonstrates God’s nature and allows us to better understand why the very premises that we have used in the argument exist
  6. The concept of God as designer reinforces the idea that God is involved in the history of the universe and is therefore omnipotent, omniscient...


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