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Alvin stood perplexed, observing the tremendous castle that occupied the marshland in front of him. He examined the castle before glancing down to a picture held in his hand. The rock pile, prior to his position, had no resemblance to the masterpiece he was holding. The photograph showed an amiable alcazar with stained glass windows, a well kept rose garden and a pathway leading up to a solid oak door with a bronze door knocker. The castle, on the other hand, had every one of its windows smashed, a surrounding swamp, and not a rose in sight.

Cautiously, anxiously, Alvin took slow steps towards the towering castle. He took a deep breath and blew the door handle free of cobwebs. Entering the building, Alvin sighed as his hopes had been helplessly crushed at the sight of the decaying castle. He stopped abruptly. He glared upwards at the elevated ceiling veiled in cobwebs. The castle had a distinct smell of rotting flesh, a sweet, yet repugnant odour that clung onto the inside of your nostrils and wouldn't let go. It hung heavily in the atmosphere.

With his greatest attempt to ignore the smell, Alvin explored the castle. He inspected hundreds of rooms and each one had been identical to the last, except for the last room. It was on the right hand side of the 8th floor. This room was immaculate. It was as if cobwebs didn't exist. The bed was made, the tables polished and the curtains tied back with red silk ribbons. It had a private bathroom which shined so brightly, even the sun seemed dull in comparison.


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