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Happiness Sucks

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If you are ready to wake up, you are ready to wake up. And if are not ready, then you are going to spend your time pretending to be some 'poor little old me' ... Since you are here at this point and time, reading this text and engaging in thought, I assume you are all in the process of waking up. Or else, you are teasing yourselves, with ... some sort of flirtation with waking up. Which you are not serious about. But I assume that you are not serious but sincere ... that you are ready to wake up.

So, then. When you are in the way of waking up, and finding out who you really are ... what you are doing, is what the entire universe is doing, at the place you call 'here and now'. You are something that the whole universe is doing, in the same way that a wave is what the whole ocean is doing. The real you ... is not a puppet, which life pushes around. The real, deep down you is the whole universe.

So ... when you die ... you're not going to have to put up with everlasting non existence, because that is not an experience. Almost everyone that I have encountered on this planet is afraid, that when they die, they are going to be locked up in a dark room forever. But, one of the most interesting things in the world ... is this: Try to imagine what it would be like, to go to sleep and never wake up. Think about that ... For it is one of the great wonders of life ... what would it be like to go to sleep and never wake up. And if you think long enough about that, something will happen to you.

You will find out (among other things) that that question will then impose another question: What was it like waking up, having never gone to sleep? That was when you were born ... You see? You can't have an experience of nothing ... So after you are dead, the only thing that can happen is the same experience (or the same kind of experience) as when you were born. In other words, we all know what happens when people die. It is simple. Other people are born ......


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