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Vietnam Aircraft & Weaponry

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During the Vietnam War there were countless weapons used by the United States, North and South Vietnamese army, and the Viet Cong. While of course the America was producing their own weapons of mass destruction, the N.V.A. and Viet Cong were supplied by the Soviet Union, China, and Warsaw Pact allies. But not all battles were fought on the ground, planes from the U.S. and N.V.A. were engaged in dogfights over the jungles of Vietnam, and famous helicopters from the U.S. spent endless flight hours doing medevac, combat and reconnaissance missions. Despite how the war turned out in North Vietnam’s favor, the Americans devastated everything labeled as a threat with their superior firepower.
In the beginning, the Americans thought they could end the war very quickly with their advanced technology compared to North Vietnam’s borrowed and average supply. One of the most iconic air-to-ground weapons used by the U.S. was the napalm bombs dropped by planes such as the F-4 Phantom II. These deadly bombs filled the targeted area with carbon monoxide greater than twenty percent, and caused firestorms with winds up to seventy miles per hour. The main feature of this weapon is that is sticks to the human skin with no practical method for removal of the severe fire that engulfed whoever was caught in its path. Throughout the entirety of the war, a deadly herbicide known as Agent Orange was used to defoliate forests, rural land, and to force draft urbanization. Unfortunately, it had horrible side effects on the civilian populations that came into contact with it. Agent Orange had killed or maimed more than four hundred thousand, and five hundred thousand babies were born with birth defects.
While there were many kinds of planes used during the conflict, the U.S. preferred the Phantoms, and the N.V.A. used Russian Migs. More often than not these famous jets collided with each other in dogfights when the time came, but the Americans managed to maintain an outstanding kill ratio...


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