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Tv Guide's

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Text 10 - Summary

In America, 115 million people are using digital tv-guides. This is a new way of looking in a tv-guide, however there are going to be changes in the guides.
Not al long time ago people looked into the newspapers and looking for what the three or four broadcasters are showing that day. Nowadays there are 505 channels to watch, excluding the radio and movies on demand.

TV-guides are now a bit complex. If you want to watch your favourite programme, you first have to search for it in a alphabetical list. This takes a lot of time and they want to change this way of browsing trough your TV-guide.

Now they want to connect television to the internet. So you can search for your programme and pops on screen when you hit ‘’enter’’. It is just like a search engine on your television.
This way of making television is very innovative, but it costs others a lot of money. When you can stream everything you want, people don’t go to the stores to buy a real Blu-Ray movie. This can lead to great losses for other companies like Hollywood.

To prevent this, Rovi starts to build a better programme guide. Besides making the programme guide better, they also are working on a device (like iPhone) that can stream television shows or shows on demand. They also want to connect the social media to the television so that people can share what they are looking and if it is a good show or not.

These plans sounds very nice and futuristic, but maybe this is not what the viewers want. They think that people want to look their favourite show, and not telling his friend what they are looking. So the CEO said that they have to build a programme guide that shows shorter lists, relevant shows and a good looking grid.

The social network has to stay on the laptop, that’s why they built these devices.


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