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Al Bell

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With the help of the phone , we can express our feelings to others, it helps make friends, keeps us   in touch with our loved ones at long distances; with the phone we can save lives, the phone is also used in the army . And so the phone is present in the lives of all people.The first mobile telephone was used by 1.300 people. But now the phone is used by 80% of population of the world. The first company of mobile phones was AT&T and then came Motorola.
  2. The three topics that I will talk about are:
  * Personal Background
  * Inventions
  * Impact
  3. He was born in Edinburg, Scotland on March 3, 1847. His family was formed by 5 members. His father was Professor Alexander Melville Bell, and his mother was Eliza Grace. And two brothers who died later of tuberculosis.
  4. As a child, Bell inherited a musical talent from his mother, who was a musician and also a portrait painter. He was taught by his grandfather and father about public speaking.
  5. When Bell was 13 years old, he spent a year with his grandfather in London. To Graham, this year was the “turning point of his life.”He had all the opportunities there.
  6. Bell read books in the library about Herman von Helmholtz, a German scientist who experimented with electrical vibrations to make vowel sounds.   He researched his experiments so that someday he might be able to reconstruct them in his own home.
  7. In 1870, Bell’s two brothers died of tuberculosis. Since Bell was also threatened his family decided to move to a healthier environment, in Canada.  
  8. After Graham was safe from catching the disease, his job led him to be a physiology professor at Boston University in the United States.
  9. While Bell was in Massachusetts, inspired by Herman von Helmholtz he invented the harmonic telegraph, an instrument that makes it possible to send multiple telegraphs on one line. And accidentally discovered how to speak through vibrations, with a machine called acoustic telegraph...


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