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How to Customize Your Future with the Help of Last Experience ?

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Last experience is always unforgettable and especially when the last experience was better than the current experience. We often do not satisfy our self with what we got instead we start our new search. It can be a search for a new job ignoring the benefits of the present job or it can be the search of new lover ignoring the love of the present lover. It’s our tendency to take people for granted. Living in this materialistic world we often forget the importance of humans and we treat them as objects and surprisingly we treat objects as humans. For e.g. you can easily remember the phase when you scolded your loyal servant for breaking your flower pot. It’s not a murder of the flower pot but we grant punishment to the servant like he actually killed a human being.

The last experience can be awful. There can be chances when you will feel good and satisfied in your present experience and might regret that why we faced that last experience. The first experience of love is always special and no matter how rich or poor you are, you cannot forget that precious moment. New experience with a new lover might fulfill your needs but we surely miss the joy.

Well I have millions of last experiences, some are good, some are very good and some are awful as hell. My mind is always alert, even when I am sleeping, it seems like I am thinking. I have seen the worst and I am ready and fully prepared to see everyday. Some times the day is satisfying, some times my day offers a special visit of some fucking ugly bastards who are the nightmare for me and some days offer tons of love and emotions. So I cannot predict my future like any other person but I get intuitions.

If I will make a film on my life, I am sure I will get Oscar award for the best film. Jokes apart. The situations and experiences are different and filmy. I lost my mother in childhood like you can see that in any Hindi movie. My life is full of problems and backstabbers like you see the life of any hero in the...


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