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The Princess and I

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Hermann was walking along the street, not knowing where to go. The barbarians had burned his town, leaving no one alive. But he was fortunate for he wasn’t home that time.
He kept blaming himself for having not able to save his lovely wife and his son. While he was drawn to his thought, he had bumped to someone. It was a lady. He apologized yet the lady didn’t seem to mind him. She looked in a hurry and at the same time scared. Hermann noticed it and asked, “Hey! Are you alright?” Still the lady didn’t answer but walked out as fast as she can. Then, she vanished. Months had passed and Hermann decided to become one of the barbaric soldiers. He wanted to take revenge for what the barbarians had done to his family and to his town people. While he was checking the prisoners he had notice a familiar face talking with another soldier. As he became closer to them, he had figured out who she was. She was that same lady whom he bumped with that night. The lady saw him but just looked at him and walked away. He was curious as to whom she was and so he asked his co-soldier and he was shocked to know that he was the King’s daughter. With that information came an idea to his mind, to use the princess in his revenge. Days passed and he was successful in his plan but as he was getting closer with the princess, he felt guilty and at the same time he seemed to be falling in love with her. One night, when everyone was asleep, Ariya silently went to Hermann’s quarter and they’ve done the thing they long wanted to do. In the middle of it, they were stunned to notice that someone was watching them. It was none other than the king. The king’s face could not be painted. He knew he was in a great danger. The next day, he was awaked by the noise of the soldiers and he did not expect that it was him whom they were after for. They dragged him to the arena where it was surrounded with people, shouting his death. He was puzzled for he didn’t have any idea as to what was waiting for him. He...


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