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Study Placement

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Study Placement

Information about the university abroad and the courses taken
The Arabic program at Jordan Language Academy was divided into 3 major levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. All these levels included four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Special emphasis was put on grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills. The standard percentage of Jordanian dialect that I was taught was 20%. Parallel to the Arabic program, Jordan Language Academy offered a cultural program that included: Arabic literature, Calligraphy, Archaeology of Jordan, Arabic society, Arabic media, Arabic music, Middle Eastern political issues, and Arabic culture (traditions, customs, costumes and Arabic cooking). Advanced programs included basic courses in translation and interpretation. Before beginning the course I under took a placement test and according to that I was put in the intermediate level.

The learning process experienced
I had to use sophisticated spoken language when I had to do my grocery shopping, for example I had to ask the price of fruits and vegetables in Arabic and had to have the price reduced. I also had to use sophisticated spoken Arabic when giving directions to the taxi driver. For example, I had to speak Arabic when I had to give directions to go to university and when coming back home from university or when going shopping. In all these instances I had to speak the Jordanian dialect, which was a major issue for me. I had to make sure that I knew how to speak the dialect before I came to Jordan and I had to make sure that I revised the work that was handed out to me in class.
I had to use high level of written Arabic when filling out the visa forms, in summarizing the reading texts of Al-Kitab 2, when writing about trips that I had been to and when opening a bank account in Jordan. This enhanced my Arabic writing skills a lot.
The different cultural clubs offered by Jordan Language Academy enhanced my learning a lot. In the...


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