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Romeo and Juliet essay planning
Choose the character with whom you have the most sympathy. Write an essay in which you explain your reasons.
  1. Character: Paris
  2. Reasons:
  * Didn’t know very much about what was going on with Juliet in terms of their marriage or why the date kept changing.
  * Really loved Juliet – died for her.
  * Was calm and patient.

The first reason that Paris is a sympathetic character is that he was very calm and patient whilst trying to convince Capulet to let him marry Juliet. He could have done many things to make the marriage move along faster, including threats, force and power, but he simply said ‘younger than her are happy mothers made’ to try and argue and change Capulet’s mind about his reasons as to why Juliet couldn’t be married sooner. Paris was not informed of what was happening before he was suddenly told that the wedding would be in a few days’ time. He had not tried to urge Capulet to let the marriage happen sooner therefore he did not have any influence on the sudden change of Plan and opinion.

Another reason why Paris is a sympathetic character is that he honestly loved Juliet; to the point that he died trying to protect her body and his dying wish was for his body to be laid by hers. ‘Lay me with Juliet.’ When Paris was talking to Juliet in Friar Lawrence’s cell, he mentioned love a lot and referred to her as ‘love.’ He kept saying that he loved her and telling her that he knew she loved him back.


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