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        Racism is one of the most dangerous things to all human beings. There is no actual reason to be racist toward anyone at all. Even though we all know being racism is really bad and unacceptable among most part of the world’s society we still could not avoid it. There are many kinds of racism in the world. Some of them are religious racism, race racism, nationality racism, and gender racism. All racism are evil intention and they cause mass distraction to the human being.
            Actually I believe that racism comes from luck of knowledge or luck of understanding. We can say that as humans we are naturally biased against anyone outside of our race and it comes from luck of understanding. People are racist against other races because they believe they are special race or they may feel that they are being dominated and they don’t want to see that happened in their eye. This is why they start to show their superiority as the result the hate spread up to all direction of the society and it could turn to various violations.
        According the CNN report “scientists suggest racism is a natural reaction that stems from when we are cavemen. If we compete naturally with people that aren't a part of our "clan" we can ensure more resources for ourselves and our offspring. We distinguish those that aren't in our "clan" by their appearance’’. Nobody is born racist but they brought up racist by ancestors and they know no other way. Even after they grow up they knew they are wrong but they could not leave that behind them and follow the right direction. Because they afraid of being isolated from their ancestors or they can become victim of the racist group so all they could do is follow the foot step of their masters.
    In my opinion, racism still exists in all over the world. The cause might be different but people stand against each other. We have to stand up, be united against racism. Teach the right thing to our community. There is no...


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