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How Can We Progress in the Search for Knowledge

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How We Recognize Progress In The Search For Knowledge
How can we recognize when we have made progress in the search for knowledge? I have concluded that the purpose to the search for knowledge is to create guidance for the knower to live by and follow. I can recognize when I have made progress in the search for knowledge when I have reached a new level of understanding on how I should live my life. This became clear to me when I observed the search for knowledge in the two contrasting areas of knowledge, Ethics and Natural Sciences. 1 of 4
I believe progress in ethics to be the narrowing down of what is right or wrong regardless of the ethical theory that is believed in. There are five theories of ethics that are followed by people around the world and they include; Religious theories, self interest theory, universal law theory, the law of respecting others theory and utilitarian theory.   Western Religion theories follow the belief that there is a god and that he has commandments that should be lived by.   Self Interest theory is the belief to look after yourself and promote self interest. The universal law theory by Immanuel Kant, requires that we act in such a way that our actions effect all others. The Law of respecting others follows the philosophy that people should be respected as rational beings with goals of their own. Utilitarian theory shifts the focus from the individual to the group. It’s the recognition that your happiness is only one happiness among many. After identifying these ethical theories it can be established that the search for knowledge can progress through these different ethical codes. A belief of one can establish a set of morals and beliefs that will help advancement in knowledge such as the utilitarian theory which allows the knower to be aware of the fact that their contributions to knowledge are for the good of the majority.
In my experience, I have learned of the progress in ethics to be through a series of reactions. When I was...


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