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Evaluating Peace Between Democracies

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Peace between Democracies

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25th 11 2012

      Democracy is well known as the government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Democratic countries around the world are successful in the economy, and other social structures. This is because democratic are built in three virtues: peace, prosperity and freedom. These three elements offer a perfect condition to human kind. Where there is peace, development grows tremendously, and infrastructures are improved. Freedom contributes to the rights of citizens of a country. They thus exercise their rights without any fear of being condemned. These two, when exercised the third element, prosperity just falls into place. In the past years, more than three quarters wars around the world have been won by democrats. This creates a fourth virtue which is; democracies win wars. Democrats do not participate in a war they are going to lose. They only fight a winning war. Democrats leaders understand that, if they lose a war, they will also lose their political offices. This, therefore, make them participate in a war they are certain they will win.   Secondly, democrats are good at waging wars hence they are more likely to win war regardless of whether they are targets or initiators. Lastly, democrats give all the resources they have during war time. These resources include; soldiers and ammunitions. Not that, democratic nations have a lot of fighting resources, they only use what they have effectively hence resourceful.

With the statement in question, I am of the same opinion that, citizens of a democracy will bear all the cost of war so as to keep their personal well-being rather than have international conflict. The natural instinct in every democratic citizen is that; they are not only protecting their well being, rather they are defending their freedom and peace that they have. Freedom and peace to them is not only a key ingredient to their...


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