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The waxy coting on needles protect it from wind,drought and freezing.   It also contains a chemical that repels animals from eating the needle.

The Little Evergreen(Taiga)
Growing needles or leaves takes large amounts of energy which could be used for better purposes. The Little Evergreen   does not shed it's leaves during winter so it can use the energy saved for structural growth   or creating poison instead of producing new leaves each year. Water is very limited in the winter months of Taiga. The adaptation of the needle limits water loss through a process called transpiration. Also because the needles do not have a lot of sap it prevents the risk of freezing. The conical shape of this plant helps shed heavy amounts of snow with minimal damage to branches. The dark evergreen colour is very important to the survival of this tree. Their is limited sunlight in   the taiga biome so the colour of the needles of this tree is significant to   absorbing sunlight. Sunlight for trees is like gasoline for cars instead the plant absorbs the sunlight and converts it to fuel. This process is known as photosynthesis. The Energy saved from not shedding the leaves is used to create poison which is shot at trees blocking the sunlight of this plant. The poison corrodes the core of other trees or plants and eventually kills them.       |
The Alluring bark on this tree attracts animals or humans to rub their fur or hair onto the tree and   to pee on it. This creates warmth for the tree and gives urine which is transformed in to water during the cold winters of the taiga.

The needles of this tree can change multiple colours to hide from predators or change the colour to evergreen to get sunlight.
The brain of this tree controls all the function of this plant, to changing colours of the needle and to releasing poison on other trees or plants.


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