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Canada Aboriginal

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Canada Aboriginal Self Government

Recognition of Aboriginal Self Government

The Canadian government recognizes inherent rights as based on the understanding that the Aboriginal peoples of Canada have the right to govern themselves on matters internal to their communities. The Crown states that exact litigation over inherent rights would be a difficult, prolonged and costly exercise that could cultivate conflict. It is decided that in the matter of disputes the courts can provide general guidance, but leave the members involved to organise detailed arrangements.

The rights of recognition to self government are based on fundamentals specific to:

Unique cultures: The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group

Identities: A groups comprehension of themselves as a discrete, separate entity.

Traditions: Beliefs or customs taught by one generation to the next

Languages and institutions.

Special relationship to land and resources.

Financial Arrangements

The Canadian government states that the financing of self-government is a shared responsibility among federal, provincial and territorial governments, and Aboriginal governments and institutions.

Aboriginal governments and institutions ought to increase their own supplies of revenue so as to diminish dependence on other governments.

All federal expenses related with the realization of self-government will be accommodated within existing federal expenditures.


The Government believes that the onus to resolve any disputes regarding representation within or among Aboriginal groups should rest with the Aboriginal groups concerned.

Fiduciary Obligations

As self management enhances, Crown responsibilities will decline. In this sense, the historic relationship between Aboriginal peoples and the Crown will not disappear, but rather, will evolve. There is no justifiable basis for the Government to...


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