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the “education of my dream". Essay

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These are the words that Martin Luther King used in his famous speech against discrimination of African Americans. He gave his life for his dream, but in the end the dream came true. Being a human I have dozens, hundreds, thousands of various dreams, some of them are quite possible, the others are not so feasible…
In this essay I want to talk only about one of my dreams. I want to talk about the “education of my dream”. I dream of education that would make my life much more interesting, education that would become my guiding light in the world of darkness. For me, it is really hard to imagine the “education of my dream” and write about it. In order to make the topic of the essay clearer, I am intended to analyze every single word in the phrase “education of my dream”. So I will start with the word “education”.

“Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance. “
Will Durant

The word “education”….What does this word mean to me? Education is one of the things that make the human the dominant form of life on the planet Earth. Education was created by human, but after many years it turned into “an independent form of life”. This “independent form of life” is the main guiding light for the human race in the today’s world of darkness.   Education gives the human race the chance to overcome the obstacles that appear on its way in today’s world. If the education did not exist there would be no humans living in the 21st century, everything that we possess would not even exist if there was no education. At the same time, education is often misused as a simple tool which serves humans and makes their lives a little bit easier.   In fact, education should be approached as a reservoir or a generator of the spiritual values that are necessary for the human to live a full-fledged life.

According to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs the two highest steps of the human development – are esteem’s needs and self-actualization. These two steps are leaving behind...


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