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World War I

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At the turn of the twentieth century, Europe seemed to enjoy a period of peace and progress. Yet below the surface, several forces were at work that would lead Europe into the “Great War.” One of these forces was nationalism, and it had an explosive effect in the Balkans. But, nationalism was only one of the many causes of world war I. Historians and eyewitnesses have described the causes of World War I and have tried to assess the responsibility for it. There were three causes of the World War I.
The first cause of World War I was that Germany, Great Britain and France were spending money to prepare for war. According to document 1, the chart shows that Great Britain, France, Russia and Germany spent the most money on weapons. The money that went to armies and weapons for these countries meant that they were prepared for war and this led to many fear among other countries.
The second cause of World War I was alliances in Europe. The alliance systems were built since 1882; the Triple Alliance was formed between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy to get the power of Russia and France. Based on document 2, the alliance system was separated into two, the triple alliance and the triple entente. The triple alliances included Germany, Austria and Hungary and the triple entente included Great Britain, France and Switzerland.
The third cause of World War I was that European was blamed for the cause of the war. The leaders did not take responsible to help prevent the war. Based on document 6, it states that “Because in each country of Europe political and military leaders did certain things which lead to mobilization and to the declaration of the war or failed to do certain things which might have prevented the war. The leaders either did not try to prevent the war nor did things to cause World War I.
In Conclusion, World War I was caused by many reasons. Many countries were spending money on weapons to prepare for war. The Alliances systems were separated and...


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