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Maha Is a Remarkable Young Girl

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Maha Is A Remarkable Young Girl
  War has always been a consistent part of human history, which is like a bowl of boiling water with unbearable temperature that challenges the innocent civilians going into it. People are like either carrots or eggs, some are softened and become weak, others strengthen and fulfill themselves against the changes. Maha, a 12-year-old character in The Road To Chlifa by Michele Marineau is a remarkable young girl who is mature, determined and intelligent. She was able to show all these qualities during the Lebanon Civil War even though she was at a very young age.
First of all, Maha was a very mature young girl. She took care of her brother after she lost her family. Maha acted like an experienced mother and she never complained while she was looking after Jad. For instance, she changed diaper for Jad very carefully , and she also made milk for Jad by pouring milk powder into boil water. Even Karim was amazed by Maha’s precise, efficient gesture toward Jad. Also, Maha took responsibility for her choice of leaving Beirut to Chlifa. In spite of unpredictable danger and difficulties, Maha decided to look for a better life rather than hide in the shelter. It’s obviously that only mature person could make a decision like this. In brief, all these examples proved that Maha is a mature girl.
Secondly, Maha was a determined girl and this quality even seems a little bit stubborn throughout the novel. Maha was determined to stay with her brother after she lost her family. A good example is that the Red Cross representative decided to pick Jad up and send him to an orphanage in France. However, Maha revolted against that decision. She said firmly, “I didn’t have anything else, except for him, and I won’t let anyone take him away from me.” Also, Maha was determined to go to Chlifa without hesitation. As a result of her determination, nobody could change her mind. Although there were a lot of obstacles during this dangerous journey, she never...


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