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Short Story

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Secrets of Crime
There once was a man named Michael lance, he’s 19 and just graduated from Oran high school he has a job in a bar that pays minimum wage and works nights till 1 am from 11 am. It is also home to the biggest crime boss Barsley knight in the city of Los Angelis, but no one has knowledge of it.
It is now 1 in the morning the end of his shift, as he heads out the door he notices his boss sneaking out the back, with a bunch of guys he’s never seen before they were dressed all nicely and professional. But of course he thought nothing of it. So he’s goes home and flicks on the television and watches some family guy nothing to much just the usual then he flicks the television off and goes to sleep. The next morning he grabs his bowl of cereal flick on the television and sees that last night the bank was successfully robbed although there were several harmed and shot people. He wonders who is capable of robbing a bank how someone could do such a thing as to hurt people to get money. And then he finishes his cereal and heads to work and realizes that they’ve bought a lot of new furniture and fixed up the curtains and got new tables, and he wonders how they were able to afford all of this. Then it strikes his mind what if the boss and those suspicious men were the ones who robbed the bank. So after work today he decided to confront his boss. He walks in his office and asks his boss “where were you last night during the time of the bank robbery.”
And his boss responds “I don’t think that’s any of your business so if you’d like to keep your job I suggest you leave immediately.” So he leaves and goes home that night only to lay in bed all night thinking, what if I was wrong, what if my boss had other things to do I mean there are thousands of others out there capable of doing this. Then he thought it over multiple times but ended up at the same conclusion, His boss was the one who did it. The next day he heads straight to the bar and confronts his boss again....


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