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Serge AbouTayeh
ENL 213

            A drug is any chemical you take that affects the way your body works. They interfere with your brain's own chemical signals changing the messages your brain cells are sending to each other, and to the rest of your body.
In this sense, some people under the effect of drugs commit crime. These people become a danger to themselves and to the community around them.
In our current days, the possession of drugs not prescribed by a doctor is illegal.  
Even when illegal, drugs are available to most people, and as hard as governments try to eradicate the source of illegal drugs, they are still a common accessibility. So imagine will what happens if drugs are legalized.

          Sociological studies have proven that the human nature is a self destructive one. People tend to find ways to destroy one another.
Drugs are one way of self destruction. Even though a drug may seem like heaven for a few hours. It causes heart attacks, kidney damage and comas. The abuse of drugs may also lead to seizures and disorientation. It may cause a person to have difficulty breathing and lose consciousness, and in some cases it may lead to his death. This is the impact of drugs on the user’s health.
But the greater threat is on the community. Drug users tend to act irrationally and blindly.
Statistics concerning criminals have proven that at least half of the people who commit crimes are under the effect of drugs. So by legalizing drugs, we are only giving way to those kinds of people to act loosely. It is like letting a house rate act on its own. It keeps coming for more food, and soon the house will be overrun by rats.
      Legalizing drugs also impacts the function of the police. Fighting drug crime is one of the biggest departments in the police functions. Cops, inspectors, detectives, federal agents..etc
work day and night busting drug crimes, arresting drug abusers and possible criminals under the effect of drugs....


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