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The Game - 1

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The Game
    It was supposed to be the worst game of our season, but it turned out to be the best. Looking back at the changes I had to make as a player and all the practices I had to go to, I decided this year was going to be different. Last year, we tied the Bedichek Bobcats 14-14, not allowing us to compete in the city championship. This year was the year we would get revenge and beat the Bobcats. If we won we would be 1st place in our zone and we would be headed to playoffs.   The adrenalin was high and we were all pumped up to make this game a victory for the Tigers.
      Before the game Coach Lewis and Coach Grumbles told us that if we won would be undefeated and   we would control our own destiny.   When we headed out the door, I felt butterflies in my stomach but I knew all we could do was try our best. When we were on the field stretching their bus pulled up and big guys came out ready for a complete challenge. At that point Coach Lewis said,” it doesn’t matter how big they are we just have to be big in our mind and we can take our team to victory”. When it was kick-off time, I said a prayer before I got on the field and the challenge was on. When I was on I felt nervous and just wanted to get off the field but I took a deep breath and the game started.   The first drive we did not let them get any yards and the offense immediately would score. Mathew Milliner our quarter back and Caleb Jones our running back in the stance were ready to score. There were only a couple of minutes left in the first quarter, when we snapped the ball all I heard was the clash of helmets.   Indeed, the referee with his hands up called   it a touchdown. We all started yelling because we had just scored on the best team in Austin and the excitement was overwhelming. The 2nd quarter was different and they took the whole time and scored without making the 2 point conversion. At half time the score was 8 – 6 and we were winning and the coaches told us that we were doing a good job...


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