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God Exists

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God Exists and My Relationship with Him
Is there really a God, or do we turn to evolution for the answer? According to Tom Stoppard, God is the only answer and he describes Darwin’s evolution (atheism) as this, “Atheism is a crutch for those who cannot bear the reality of God.” A great deal of scientific and historical evidence supports the claim that God is real. Here are a few of those evidences and personal experiences that have affected my beliefs.
There is a tremendous amount of evidence in the field of science for the proving of God’s existence and originally people ruled creation to be correct by default. However, the Greeks skewed the idea of creation, which was perhaps man’s first attempt at developing a philosophy called biological evolution. Later on in the 1800s, Charles Darwin published a book called On the Origin of Species, and in his writing, he explained his theory of evolution in detail. For a while, people took his theory and stuck to it since they were positive it explained the origin of life. Until now, we have been unable to disprove Darwin’s theory of evolution.  
There is a plethora of flaws with Darwin’s theory of evolution. The first major flaw his theory of evolution is that not everything they claimed to be true can be observed in experiments or repeated to verify its validity. Evolutionists may argue that some features of certain animals change over time and it can be observed, but “Just because organisms can be observed to change over time, doesn’t mean that all life has a common ancestor.” (Patterson, 77)   Another key flaw is that evolution would need an increase in genetic information in order to be true. A single cell organism that formed by chance could not evolve into something as complex as a human being. Information in the genes of any animal can only be lost or rearranged, not gained. Finally, a chief flaw in evolution is that in evolution only physical things can exist- no mind, soul, or morality. If
they argue that the...


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