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Globalization - 2

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Globalization is the term that is used to describe the integration of international technology, communication and products. It is the linking and sharing of cultural and economic activities between different countries. Over the last century the emphasis on globalization has increased as countries have been more willing and able to communicate and interact with one another. World governments, organizations and businesses are continually working towards greater international integration as a way to improve and develop the world as a whole. As globalization continues to be advanced and encouraged it is important that we understand the advantages and disadvantages of international integration.
Advantages of GlobalizationThere are undoubtedly a number of district advantages to globalization. The list below details some of those advantages:
  Freedom of trade between countries has allowed people to access items that were previously unavailable to them before. This also leads to competitive pricing.
  International travel has been made possible allowing access to different countries, cultures and experiences.
  Job opportunities have increased as people are able to compete abroad for positions.
  People have greater access to skills training and educational opportunities due to globalization.
  Globalization has lead to the ability of numerous countries to work together to overcome natural disasters and global challenges, such as global warming and emissions.
  Resources and goods can be transported around the world and processed efficiently.
  Businesses are able to access much wider markets thereby increasing profit.
  It increases understanding and breaks down cultural barriers between countries.
  More developed countries are able to support developing countries in business and economics.
  Developments in scientific and medical fields can be shared amongst countries and used for the good of all nations.
Disadvantages of GlobalizationWhile...


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