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Various Types of Magnetic Separators in Mining Industry

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In magnetic separator, slurry enters chute through ore tank firstly, and then separating zone by waterpower.   Mineral with strong magnetism is absorbed on the barrel surface, sent for concentrate discharging zone and discharged into concentrate box by water effect.   Gangue and ore with weak magnetism are discharged into a pipe in opposite direction of barrel.

Magnetic separator are various: can be divided into dry strong magnetic disc magnetic separation machine, flat ring strong magnetic field magnetic separation machine, SHP type wet strong magnetic field magnetic separator, and made ring wet strong magnetic field magnetic separator.

(1) dry strong magnetic disc magnetic separator
Dry magnetic separation machine is a common equipment and manganese iron equipment, the mainstream of strong magnetic separation JiXuan mine equipment. Divided into: a tube of three roller dry strong magnetic separator, two cylinder two roll dry magnetic separation machine, a tube of a roller dry magnetic separation machine, Dry strong magnetic disc magnetic separation machine widely used in the separation is less than 2 -- 3 mm weak magnetic minerals and rare metal ore more choice. It has a single disk (diameter lower = 900 mm), double disk (phi = 576 mm) and three plate (phi = 600 mm) three. Magnetic field strength can reach 880-1.44 million Ann/m. The phi 576 mm double disc used more often. The main part of the magnetic separator is a "mountain" glyph electromagnet and rotatable suspension induction disc component. Disk like a turn buckle with pointed teeth plate, the diameter ratio to ore belt width about big half of the disc the worm and worm gear reduction drive, through the handwheel adjustable disc and electromagnet between polar distance (the adjusting range 0 - twenty) mm. In order to avoid the block, in feed cylinder are equipped with a weak magnetic pole, can advance discharge feed to the strong magnetic mineral.

(2) flat ring strong magnetic field magnetic...


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