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Dreams. Essay

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“I always thought there was something wrong with the world” thought Adam Hiwalski sitting on Tibblehaven Street. “But every time I told someone what I thought, they would simply ignore me as if I were a ghost waiting to be walked through.” Adam wondered “But what if maybe … what if I was right, what if something was going to happen, something big, something horrible.”
Indeed Adam was right there was a great ancient evil across the vast world, rising was an enemy. The grave digger had heard something emending from the deep dark cemetery. In front of an aged and crumbled grave which read engraved poorly into the stone “Kashabagae”, stood a hooded figure, that couldn’t be seen from a distance, with a curved stiletto, with its hand stuck out in front of it, it was speaking an unknown language “Rise master and fulfill your duty to conquer the world, then the universe!!!” “ashapashacane-punacemeshemeconeham” it said stabbing itself continuously without showing any sign of pain. All of a sudden(as soon as the deep red blood splashed on the sodden ground.) a dark vaporous figure arose from the ground with eyes as flare red as the most lively inferno and body as shadowlike as night.
Several minutes had pass by while Adam was absent in thought. Adam was almost late for school Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!
... Suddenly a vast sphere appeared and 5 shadowy figures zoomed into it, one blasted him. Blinded for a moment he collapsed backward and lost sight of them. He roused up to his bewilderment; he was lying in front of the school on the concrete steps. Feeling a slightly dazed and awkward he got up and headed for class. “Why are you so tardy” asked Mrs. Jackpot. “EHHE funny story, I bet you won’t believe it.”
(I’m not lying I do actually bet you won’t believe it.) “Today is a special day so turn to page”……..suddenly out of his own head Adam heard an ominous and dark voice, “365 soldiers will be raised from the dead and advance on the”........ Mrs. Jackpot’s voice...


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