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Pen-Pal Resource packet
First, view the first page of this example letter:

A good pen pal letter has at least ten sentences and asks
questions. On the next pages, you will see some topics that
you can discuss.

Topics to possibly discuss…
Your age and your

How many

Something about

Your favorite

Which type of

date of birth

brothers and

being in fourth


music do you enjoy

sisters you have

grade (including

listening to? Who

(their names and

your teacher’s

are a few of your

how old they are)


favorite music

Which sports do you

Are you involved

What is

Describe your

Did you just move

play? Do you play

in any

something that

family. Do you

here this year? If

on a team? How


you have done in

have a humorous

so, how is your

long have you been

outside of school

your class so far

moment that you

current town

playing the sport?

(for example,

this year?

can share?

different than the

sports, scouting, or

place you moved



Where is your city

Have you been

What are some

What is

What is your

located on your

Student of the

of the specials

something that

favorite sports

state’s map?

Week or Student

you have been to

interests you

team and

of the Month?

this year? They

(scuba diving,


change specials


every day and

dinosaurs, going

you do it every

to the beach,

week, so explain

football, motor

that to them.

racing, Chicago
Cubs, etc.)?
Explain your
interest and
share facts about
your interest!

What are a few of

Where have you

Which bodies of

Describe your

Tell about a science

your favorite video

traveled? Which

water in your

classroom and

experiment your


states? Which

state are near

what types of



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