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The Amish

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The Amish: A Unique Society
Rosemarie Callari
September 1, 2012

In this paper I would like to discuss the cultural society of the Amish their beliefs and values, their gender roles and the social changes they are going through.   In this society they are a peaceful group of people who do not believe in modern day inventions, they are very religious and their belief in family values are outstanding.
The Amish have been known as some of the best farmers in the world. Their discipline, hard work, and love of the soil which is essential to farming are also qualities that are synonymous to the Amish culture and traditions.   It is believed that the typical Amish and Mennonite and Anabaptist (from which the Amish religion is derived) farmer produces a greater harvest while consuming less energy than their non-Amish neighbor.
To the Amish toiling with the soil, raising livestock, and growing their own food is seen as cooperating with God's will. To the Amish, farming is not merely a job but a sacred lifestyle as written in the Scriptures. Furthermore, the Amish are firm believers of hard work, responsibility, simple living, and cooperation among the communities. The rigors of farming have traditionally been seen as a way of ingraining these important values within the community (The Amish Farm- Lancaster Community.com- 2007).   The average Amish farm in Pennsylvania has about 40 acres. Their crops tend to include corn, tobacco, alfalfa, and various grains.   The Amish work very hard and diligently on their farms so that the community could prosper from it also.
The Amish also have traditionally operated dairy farms.  The typical Amish dairy will have from 30-60 cows.   Although the government does not allow them to sell their milk as Grade A due to being “raw” they can use it for cheeses only.   The Amish drink their own “raw” milk and will sell it to their neighbors if they so desire to drink it.  
The Amish believe that their way of life and their community are...


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