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Bicentennial Man

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I think that the three laws of robotics are necessary because they make sure that robots don't grow out of control. The first law is that the robots cannot harm any human being even if they are ordered to. The second law is that robots must obey every order that is given to them except if it is to hurt a human. The third law is that robots must protect themselves unless that them doing so will affect the first and second law. That means that if they are ordered to jump off a cliff, a window, or anything else they will have to do it. I don't think that another law is necessary because the three laws already cover the basics of human safety.

I can tell that Andrew starts growing intelligent because he starts to show emotion. Another way that he shows intelligence is when he carves a horse out of wood for Amanda (little miss). This is a very important part that shows that Andrew is intelligent because he didn't look anywhere to get the picture. He imagined it. Here Andrew is showing creativity. He also starts repairing old clocks and other appliances by himself. Andrew demonstrates that he has surpassed his basic programming and that he is capable of doing much more.

I don't think that A.I. should be owned because they may become more intelligent and that could cause problems. For example, lets say that they start reading about our history and they read about slavery, they might think that we are doing the same to them. Then they might rebel and cause a huge and unnecessary war. Obviously we would lose because we are weaker than the A.I. both physically and mentally. If we let them live on their own them there would be peace. Not only for A.I. but for humans alike.

A.I should not be considered human because they are different than us. They are far stronger and smarter. Not to mention immortal. As humans are born and die, A.I. stay the same. Before long they will over populate humans. Another reason why A.I. should not be considered human is that they are...


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