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Media has come from medium, a way to communicate. It has its right to speech by the constitution to express the voice of people against anything. Its a voice to the politicians campaign, blue print for their agenda. Telecast of all trade, demonstration of the policies for the people. It’s a way to express people opinions about government, sometimes resentment against their policies, demonstration of their anger, benediction for a victory and malediction for a loss.
Media vocalise an emotion which can’t be heard or sometimes neglected by the government. Media has the power to malign a person and then adulate the same person. It can mould the public the way it want. It can transform a protest to demagogue. Media is to accentuate the problems of the poor, highlight the facilities provided by the government. Media work is to arouse the awareness among the people about the disease, health camps, method and techniques   in agriculture, awareness to act against corruption, to cast their votes, use of government policies in best possible way, education, harms by tobacco and cigarette .

The telecast of merit and demerits of government policies, Its solution like debate among civilised people and reforms to be made gives a good judgement and views to elect the worthy personality.

On the other side to promote its channel it sometimes exaggerate little things,inducing baseless ideas through advertisement, disparaging someone, telecasting secrets. showing unnecessary truth to attract the public attention
Media should work for upliftment of education, government n its policies. The media in the advanced society should perform a noble mission of enlightening people and discourage sectarian, communal trends.


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