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The Difficulty In Distinguishing Real From Unreal

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Alejandra Munoz
Period 2
A Beautiful Mind
Schizophrenia is a disease many are not aware of. The movie “A Beautiful Mind” is a true story based on a young man named, John Nash, in in 1947 in Princeton, New Jersey.   He attends Princeton University on a Carnegie scholarship for math and science. He is intelligent, socially awkward but has an amazing talent in math. This movie shows us how John goes from being a student to a professor. While he is teaching, he believes he is a CIA agent helping the government, and works on making a revolutionary discovery/formula that will change life. He works on top secret missions and spends countless hours trying to help his country; but the interesting part his half way through the movie when it starts to show he is suffering from a severe form of schizophrenia.
The disorder John Nash suffers from is schizophrenia. It is a long-term mental disorder which doesn’t allow him to process what is real and what is not. A lot of the time people with this disorder hear and see things that seem life threatening and make them fearful and withdrawn. In Nash’s case, the symptoms he displayed where imagining things, getting agitated easily, he tried to come up with equations for everything, and whenever he looked at numbers, patterns would appear to him and he could crack a code. He went for many, many, years without being treated because simply nobody realized he was sick, not even him. It wasn’t until he got married and lived with his wife when she started to realize something was not right. He is angry, scared, and talking nonsense.
One day when John went to campus to do a lesson with his students, he had a meltdown. He believed the Russians were out to get him and he needed help. He was frantically screaming and running but nobody understood from what or whom. When he was finally tackled to the ground it turns out it is a doctor and his team. They sedate john to get him to calm down and the next thing you...


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