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Why Should You Pick Up Your Trash

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Why should you pick up your trash?

Would you enjoy taking your classes at the city dump? Trash is not beautiful. It is a well-known fact that student learn better when they’re in a clean environment. To be more attractive, trash on our school grounds must be picked up. The importance of picking up trash is to beautiful our campus and make our school a healthier place to learn. If everyone would help out our school would look more attractive.
We want our campus to be attractive and clean, right? When rival schools come to complete against us, we don’t want them going home criticizing us because of our campus. We don’t want our mascot become a rat or a pig in their eyes. We want to keep our campus clean to show that we’re not slobs and are educated enough to pick up our own garbage. A dirty school makes it harder to concentrate on school work. If trash covered the campus, students might be looking out classroom windows for what awaits them after class and wondering why someone is not cleaning it up.
Who would want to eat lunch inside a dumpster? Or study in a classroom that smells like rotten eggs and spoiled milk. We need a campus that will make it easier and healthier to learn. Would essays show the student’s best if they brainstormed ideas while looking out the window at old food, used Band-Aids, empty soda cans and gum wrappers? The way this campus looks influences the way we perform in our classrooms. To get the maximum quality work done, we need clean and sanitary workspaces.
No one enjoys being in a dirty environments. Before school, snack, lunch and after school would be much less enjoyable to both the students and faculty if our campus was dirty. People not like eating in trash filled lunch areas and so there would be more students leaving school permitted or not for lunch. Basically, students and teachers would not be able to stand being in a dirty environment during school hours.
In conclusion, living environment should keep clean and so it...


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