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Internet Exploration

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Overall Expectations:
|A4.     analyse options for accessing the Internet;                                                                           |
|A5.     apply effective techniques when conducting electronic research.                                                       |

Internet Exploration

The Difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web
The difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web is this:
    • The World Wide Web is millions of hypertext documents of information.
    • The Internet is the tool used to get to the information in the WWW.
Think of the relationship between the 401 and Toronto. The 401 (the Internet) is how you get to Toronto (WWW).
This exercise will test your ability to search and find various information on the Internet. When doing searches, be as specific as possible in your KEY WORDS.
There are number of good search engines that you can use like GOOGLE, ALTA VISTA and YAHOO.
•        When you find the answer or the target, answer the question asked, COPY and PASTE the url (highlight and right click on it) into a MICROSOFT WORD document.
•        Make sure you indicate what number it is completing.
•        Do not use more than 5 pages (that means shrink things down).
•        Place your name in the header
•        Place the date and page number in the footer
Search for the following:
1.           When was the internet invented?  By whom?  Try Wikipedia for the answer.
2.          What does TCP/IP mean?
3.          What do HTTP and FTP mean?
4.          What recently happened/is happening to the internet with regards to addresses?
5.          A picture of our Prime Minister in front of the parliament buildings.
6.          The web address for an Ottawa flower shop.
7.          The number of NHL records Wayne Gretzky currently holds.
8.          A Nike symbol
9.          A map of Cardiff, Wales
10.      An article on the war in Iraq (2008)
11.        The web address...


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