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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Review

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Book Review:
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

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Zia ud din Ahmed

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Reviewed
Have you ever wondered why LDCs (Low Developing Countries) are under the plague of impossible debts; why the U.S. is so powerful; why the so-called civilized world consumes most of the world resources; why terrorism today is so ubiquitous nationally and internationally?   Are you intrigued? Do read John Perkins’, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (EHM). The book raises concerns about environment, culture and civilization, assimilation and absorption of diversity, world peace, pollution, resources depletion, exploitation of humans by humans and a great deal more. Having been the part of all this, the writer is an authority on the subject.
The book tracks the life of John Perkins, from his frustrated childhood through the diversity of his life well into his present concerns of educating the people about the global empire which is gnawing at the very roots of civilization. The book grows from a personal life into a universal concern of humanity, an honest self-exposure of a personality who witnessed and has been the part of what the handful sophisticated criminals plan against the weaker humanity; leading it to a worst kind of barbarism humankind has ever witnessed. It is no less a story of a prophet gone astray on the simple delusion of happiness in the worldly prosperity.
Insightful as it is, it reflects the hideous backdrop of the glorious façade of the modern civilization, which is insidiously the deadliest of the enemies of humanity; in the very heart of the symbol of civilization—the U.S. Torn between his erstwhile evil life and that of universal co-existence all the time as an EHM, the writer is ultimately found struggling to rid simple humanity of the clutches of tyranny, deceit, assassinations; employed in wrenching out its vital forces for the modern global emperors. It is the self-portrait of the person who although...


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