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From the Poetry You Have Studied Choose the Poet Whose Work You Liked Best of All. Explain Why You Liked This Poet's Work and Support Your Answer by Reference to His or Her Poetry

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From the poetry you have studied choose the poet whose work you liked best of all. Explain why you liked this poet's work and support your answer by reference to his or her poetry.

The poet whose work I like the best of all is Seamus Heaney. The two poems I liked the most are Mid-Term Break and When All the Others.

The poem Mid-Term Break is probably Heaney's best known poem. It is about the tragic death of his brother Christopher while Seamus was away at school. I like the way the poet uses a vivid description of that tragic day. He remembers waiting in the college sick bay and also describes bells knelling classes to a close. The word knelling is usually used to describe the ringing of funeral bells. He then remembers meeting his father in the porch crying which is strange to the poet as the father normally took funerals in his stride. Heaney also gets embarrassed by old men by old men standing up to shake my hand. He describes seeing the corpse of his brother with a poppy bruise which is the flower often used to remember the war. He also tells us the age of his brother which makes the poem even more sad because he says: A four foot box, a foot for every year.

The poem When All the Others is both a sad and a happy poem. The happy part is where Heaney spends quality time with his mother and the sad part is where he describes the death of his mother. He remembers the happy time he peeled potatoes with his mother while all the others in the family were away at mass Later on in the poem, his mother dies.

I like this poet, Seamus Heaney, because he uses clear simple English to describe tragic times in his life. This also makes his poems easy to understand. For these reasons I like the poet.


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