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Types of Drivers the Bad Reckless and Good Driver

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Willie Mays
Professor Mukalian
English 101
LA 1
14 January 2013
Types of Drivers: The Bad, and Good Driver
In America the rules of the road has changed due to the expansion of roads and the frequent travelers that uses them. There was a time during the baby boomer generation when they could travel and be free of accidents. But now the people that drive these vehicles look for speed and they have a disregard for the laws of the road. So now I will show you the difference between the bad, and the good driver. Example: The bad driver cares about nothing but getting to his destination buy any means necessary. The good driver stops at red lights and yield to pedestrians. Okay, now I will describe the difference between the two.
Let’s start with the bad driver he has disrespect for himself his vehicle and pedestrians and the passengers he transports. This driver likes to speed, make improper turns and have a disregard for red lights and stop signs, and by the way, stop signs are huge and red and are placed at corners so everyone can see them, so I wonder why he can’t see this huge octagon shaped sign. According, to Lisa Dorn, (Driver Behaviour and Training). The driver has a personality problem or a mental illness. Which causes his or her behavior to be unpredictable to others.
According to the “Smith System and Defensive Driving” you will be able to understand the hazards of the road and overcome some of these bad habits, such as driving to close, changing lanes without using proper turn signals, stopping in the box, texting while driving or using the phone.
I have described the bad driver, what about the good driver. Well, I will tell you, this driver follows the laws of the road, This driver never looses control of his temper while operating a motor vehicle he always have the proper following distance and he always stops at red lights and stop signs, And yields to pedestrians In order to understand some of these things drivers should take a defensive...


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