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Punishment Research Paper
By Milo Jaramillo

Currently in the United States, there are four different types of punishment for crimes committed. Retribution, this punishment generally is seen as an eye for an eye. In most cases, the criminal gets what they deserve without getting more. Then there is Deterrence, which basically allows one to be punished with enough severity so that any others that may be willing to commit the crime before are no longer as willing to do so. Next, there is Rehabilitation, this punishment type allows that in some cases, criminals may not know any better and teaching them the correct way to approach situations, and things is better than actually levying a severe punishment on them. Next, we have Societal Protection; this is potentially the most severe type of punishment. This type of punishment does what is necessary to protect society as a whole from the criminal. This could mean death, or complete removal from society. It is my goal to select and explain what I feel may be the best form of punishment available and to support that decision.
I am a person who firmly believes that some crimes and criminal types must be approached differently and with very few exceptions, there is no single best approach to punishment of criminals. I feel that in the cases of adult humans who have committed grievous acts against other persons which ended in the deprivation of life or freedoms (psychologically, mentally, or physically)such as rape, child abuse ending in death, and capital murder; I feel strongly that societal protection must be employed in these instances. The Death Sentence is not to severe a punishment for these types of crimes. Another obvious approach to these crime types is Retributive Punishment or "Just Desserts" in which the criminal suffers a similar (within reason) fate as the person upon whom they inflicted said crime. (Smith, Patricia 2012) "Crime and Punishment” views punishment as being proper either for its own sake, or...


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